About Us

  Who We Are

IN HONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD was established in 1995 in Renwu District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. We started business with polishing process of fan blade of jet engine. With stable quality and delivery performance, we then cooperated with several other blade processing plants for subcontract orders for parts such as fan blade, turbine blade, air-intake guide vane and small blade for AIDC, generator moving/stator blade for power plants. Two years later, backed by expanded capacity and reliable quality and delivery, we extended our service to 3D parts makers. Over the years, we have been serving our customers by the principle of quality stability and customer satisfaction. 

  Create More Value for Our Customers

In September 2009, we set up vendor management and training system, integrated vendor's processing capacity and expanded the management capacity of subcontract workflow, development, control and inventory to help our customers control and manage quality and problems in the workflow. We offer an one-stop purchasing experience for our customers, handling everything from raw materials to finished products.

  Blazing the Trail of Efficient Operation

To upgrade our management capability and competitiveness in the marketplace, we built up multiple production management systems (ERP,MIS,MOT) and web-based reporting platform in 2008, which enables production management unit to manage all work scheduling at office as vendors real-time order status at change of procedure will become clearly known with this order status tracking platform. Furthermore, process engineers are assigned for recording customers' workflow and OIS requirements, aiming to shorten time spent on management and operation between vendors and customers and thus achieve efficient operation.

In 2009, finished goods inventory services were introduced, which allows us - after long term agreement is signed - to have finished goods inventory in advance for our customers based on their annual demand. As a result, time from order placement to execution is shortened, access to more business opportunity gained through prompt delivery and competitiveness of our company and customers increased.

  Our Belief

Whether the partner, customer or employee, all of them are of great importance for us, and we will make efforts through vendor's professional operation to initiate the future creating a win-win partnership.

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